31 – Bank Holiday

I’d thought about Sarah’s offer a lot. I was desperate for another shower, we hadn’t been back to the Life Centre yet, although planned to this weekend. It was Friday again and nearly 2pm. I would get out the car and make to walk across the road over to the nursery where she worked. But… Continue reading 31 – Bank Holiday

30 – Night time

    Whilst we were parked up in our little lay-by, it was generally quiet at night. There was the noise of one of the main roads nearby, but that became quite soothing after a while. Every now and then a car would pull up nearby and we’d lie there in the car quiet as… Continue reading 30 – Night time

26 – The Concerned Neighbour

The next few days weren’t so bad, it was amazing how much better you feel when you can have a cup of tea. The teabags were cheap, and UHT milk was disgusting. It would only last a couple of days before there’d be bits floating in my tea. But it didn’t matter. There’s something about… Continue reading 26 – The Concerned Neighbour

24 – The Day Mum Rang

  So I walked around Plymouth until my feet were sore. I bought myself a cup of tea and tried to keep it warm for ages. I walked down to the Barbican and looked out to sea. I saw people living my old life – drinking with friends, enjoying the sunshine. Smoking and chatting and… Continue reading 24 – The Day Mum Rang

8 – The Soup

We parked the car around the corner from the depot. It was still on the business estate, but other than a few lorries in the morning and the rush hour times – we were relatively unseen. The first day Ryan spent ‘ shoving boxes around ‘ but by the second day he was offered a… Continue reading 8 – The Soup