The Bag and the Boots.

 I wish I’d learned that being individual would be so much more important than fitting in. But these things take time, and with age comes wisdom… Here’s one of my earlier memories of school, and when I first realised that I didn’t fit the mould like everyone else. *****************   When I started secondary school,… Continue reading The Bag and the Boots.

31 – Bank Holiday

I’d thought about Sarah’s offer a lot. I was desperate for another shower, we hadn’t been back to the Life Centre yet, although planned to this weekend. It was Friday again and nearly 2pm. I would get out the car and make to walk across the road over to the nursery where she worked. But… Continue reading 31 – Bank Holiday

30 – Night time

    Whilst we were parked up in our little lay-by, it was generally quiet at night. There was the noise of one of the main roads nearby, but that became quite soothing after a while. Every now and then a car would pull up nearby and we’d lie there in the car quiet as… Continue reading 30 – Night time