I ain’t half rice, half chips..

I was watching Celebrity Big Brother the other night, and like most people I was shocked when I heard Christopher Biggins’ comments about bisexuals . This something that is so common, no one thinks it’s a problem. These days, if you have clear outspoken homophobic views then generally, people will call you out for it. Being gay… Continue reading I ain’t half rice, half chips..

Anxiety & Me

  In the weeks after having Lily, I was asked the same three questions by the midwives and health visitors I saw: Have you been bothered by feeling down, depressed or hopeless ? No. I felt happy, I loved this little thing I’d brought into the world and felt like I could burst with love…… Continue reading Anxiety & Me

Depression, the silent killer

Suicide is the biggest killer of British men under 40, did you know that ? Nothing else is killing our men more – If suicide was seen as a disease, then this would be an epidemic. And yet what is being done about it ? What support is there for our men ? Recently there has… Continue reading Depression, the silent killer

Change is good.

I am a strong advocate for change. Life is far too short to be unhappy, and you don’t have to put up with anything or anyone that doesn’t bring you joy. 3 years ago I was dragged into a office meeting by my total twat of a manager, after weeks of being bullied by ‘policies’… Continue reading Change is good.

An Illustrated Mum

During pregnancy, I chucked out most of my old clothes in a huff because I didn’t fit into them anymore, and I was warned that I ‘never would again’. So out they went. Whilst in my fat uncomfortable misery, I thought about the coming year and what I should be wearing then – I mean,… Continue reading An Illustrated Mum

Please Stop Asking When I’m Back at Work…

  I’m sitting in the sun, enjoying the first bit of sunny weather and someone asks me ‘So when are you back at work ?’ My bliss is interrupted by the impending doom feeling that ensues… ‘Oh yeah‘ I think. ‘This isn’t forever…’ At first I’m unsure how to answer because 1) I don’t fucking know… Continue reading Please Stop Asking When I’m Back at Work…