The Bag and the Boots.

 I wish I’d learned that being individual would be so much more important than fitting in. But these things take time, and with age comes wisdom… Here’s one of my earlier memories of school, and when I first realised that I didn’t fit the mould like everyone else. *****************   When I started secondary school,… Continue reading The Bag and the Boots.

I ain’t half rice, half chips..

I was watching Celebrity Big Brother the other night, and like most people I was shocked when I heard Christopher Biggins’ comments about bisexuals . This something that is so common, no one thinks it’s a problem. These days, if you have clear outspoken homophobic views then generally, people will call you out for it. Being gay… Continue reading I ain’t half rice, half chips..

Anxiety & Me

  In the weeks after having Lily, I was asked the same three questions by the midwives and health visitors I saw: Have you been bothered by feeling down, depressed or hopeless ? No. I felt happy, I loved this little thing I’d brought into the world and felt like I could burst with love…… Continue reading Anxiety & Me