The End – part 1


The Actual Diary. Where this whole story was written first.


The Last Thing I ever wrote. 


At Trago Mills, about to buy some cheap cutlery, and any other bits we needed.
My hideously long roots. Dip Dye hair came ‘in’ not long after this though #trendsetter
The bathroom with the ‘Phantom Poo’ Ryan set me up for the first bath in months…
Our first roast dinner. Notice the lack of furniture in the bacskground. We had literally nothing but a sofa here.
Ryan falling asleep moments after finishing another long day at work.
Ryan makes our first set of furniture, while I supervise. Also this is the homeless mug I bought from Tesco. I still have it.
One of the pages from my Diary. I had loads of terrible drawings in it. I ran out of pages at the end as a result ! 


A photo from the journey to Liskeard to get the keys.
This one has a reflection of a ring Ryan bought me for 99p. I still have it, it reminds me of the commitment we had to each other even when we had absolutely nothing.
The early days in the flat. Again – no furniture. We didn’t even have a fridge – I’d buy a pint of milk every two days and leave it in the sink to keep cool.
Before the novelty of being able to shower wore off. Ryan was known to have a minimum of two showers per day. 
Taken at a cliff top. This was at the very start of the journey,
Early days in the flat again. Check out Ryans homeless beard! 
The First Christmas. It snowed and I got this shot from the top of the road.
All of my crap ! 
Later on whilst living in the flat. We stopped on the way back from Looe and found a stone circle. My best pal took the photo. Life was good again.

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