28- The Great Escape

Our humble little spot

The policeman peered through the window. He had a torch on even though it was only just getting dark. He shone it through and around the car.

‘ What are you two up to then?’
‘ Nothing, Mr.’ Ryan spoke.

I was still sat there with my gob open.

Shitting myself, I tried to look jolly.
I leant forward and smiled.

‘ We’ve just had a cup of tea‘ I blurted out.

Ryans head span round to look at me.

What the fuck ? He mouthed at me.

I ignored him.
‘ Well, Iv had a report of two people in a car here, smoking…Cannabis.’ 
We looked at each other.


What ?
‘ Are you sure it’s meant to be us Sir ?’ Ryan asked earnestly.
That’s what the call said. But I can see – and smell – that you aren’t. False alarm.’ 

He seemed off. I wasn’t sure if he was friendly or not.
Well. If you don’t mind I’ll just take your details. And car reg, to do a check on you…..
He was reeling off whatever he was meant to say. It sounded scripted but we were being polite. We really didn’t want him to have a reason to check the cars tax, or insurance.

Because we didn’t have any.
He began taking Ryans details, but chatted away whilst doing it and we explained what was going on. He seemed to understand and he wished us luck with it. He hoped it wasn’t for too long – ‘ Nights are getting colder now!’ 
‘ Yeah’ we said. ‘ We know..’
Got everything in that car of yours then I see ?’ 
‘Everything we own.’ We replied.
He smiled to us sympathetically.
Right then Ryan. I’m just going to check you are who you say you are. I’m sure your not lying but Iv got to check..!’

He walked back to his car.
‘ Ryan he’s going to check the car. He’s going to know we haven’t got any insurance.’
‘ I know.’
‘ What should we do ?’ I was hissing at him trying not to raise suspicion from the Policeman.
‘ Just go with it.’
Ryan could see him looking through the database.
‘ He knows..’
Oh fuck. This is it. He’s going to have to impound the car. It’s the law..
He got out his car and walked back to ours. I could hear my heart pounding in my ears. I leant forward and smiled again.
I’ll just play innocent. Play stupid.
Yeah that’s everything checked. So just stay out of trouble ok ?’ 

We looked at each other. What.

‘ uh. Yeah !? Will do. Just keeping our heads down’ Ryan replied.
He didn’t mention it. There is no way he would have checked the car and it NOT have said it wasn’t taxed. Or insured. Or even MOT’d. It was an illegal car.
He must have known but he also knew if he reported it… We would lose it. And if we lost the car, we’d lose everything. What would we have done ? Slept under our duvet with two suitcases next to us?
We both let out a sigh of relief.
‘ I can’t believe that !’

‘ I know. He knew we were illegal.’

‘ Some things are more important than the law I guess.’

‘ He could have taken everything then.’

‘ But he didn’t’

‘ And I wonder who rang the Police this time? ‘ I pondered for a minute and looked out my mirror.
Hazily, I could see that fucking security guy stood in the darkness in the car park. He saw me, turned and left.
Yeah… I wonder.


I think I might have already posted this picture, but this is exactly where I was looking when the security guard sloped off. The Dick.

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