27 – The Police, again.

The gates where the security guy stood staring at us.When it was dark it was quite eerie.


Over the last few weeks I’d noticed a guy lurking around the gates of the Agency, he seemed like a security guard – he wore a white shirt and black trousers, but always white trainers on too so he looked a bit of a nob.

He’d shut the gates once all the cars had left, but often would walk around the empty car park glaring our way. I wasn’t sure if he was annoyed or if his face just looked that way. But he made me feel uncomfortable and I wanted to avoid anymore trouble – my previous Run-ins with security guards hadn’t gone down well.

I kept to myself generally in the car anyway. Only nipping out to go to the Loos at Tesco- or if I couldn’t be arsed to walk that far the field over the brambles. I still felt watched a lot of the time, so would spend my time writing, or ‘cleaning’ with a wet wipe.

Ryan had just got back and I ‘had the kettle on’ when we noticed the security guy lurking in the car park again. It was really ominous, the way he’d stand there under the floodlights and just stare towards us, and I said so to Ryan.

‘ if we leave him alone, he’ll leave us alone’ Ryan said. But I wasn’t so sure.

I knew how people felt when they saw us, it just seemed to piss them off. They didn’t see us for what we were – two young people, just scraping by and trying to find their way out of a hole.

They saw us as freeloaders, trying to avoid paying our way and being ‘paid for’ by them. It didn’t matter to them what the truth was. It was just what they thought we were up to that mattered.

An hour or two later and a white car pulled up directly behind us. It was blocking us in.

And it was a police car.

‘ Fuck’ Ryan stared in his mirrors. ‘Fuck.’

We wound our seats up quickly and the policeman got out his car and walked up to Ryans window.

‘ Hello there’ he said. It was said with an air of authority.
I swallowed.

We’re screwed.

Obviously Lily didnt exist during our homeless stint, but you get the gist ! 

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