15 -The Note (cont.)

I stared at the note for ages, trying to decipher what it meant. If it was genuine or what I should do.

It was around home time for all the other businesses, and cars began driving past again. I found myself staring into them, wondering if one of them had ‘Matt’ in.
I looked back down at the note, and at the moment someone honked and waved. But it was so quick I couldn’t see for sure.
I squinted at the car. It was a black Audi. They didn’t stop or slow down just carried on homeward bound.

The writing was neat. And it seemed like the sentences were well thought out. I wonder if he had made any drafts before this one made the cut.
I wonder when he’d dropped it in, and how it had fallen onto the seat face up.
Had he waited for me to leave before dropping it in? Or had he intended to talk to me and left the note hastily ?

I held Ryans phone in my other hand.
I thought about what I could possibly reply to the note.

‘ Hi it’s the Girl In The Car….’

I cringed.
Ryan would be back soon, it was 6.30pm now..
Weirdly I felt a bit panicky about telling Ryan. I’d gotten a note from a random man, and who knew what the intentions were behind it.
It’s wierd to think that, but it was making me feel guilty. Half of me wanted to hide the note, just keep it to myself. Not worry him with it.

Then I felt worse. I’d never hidden something from Ryan before – why start now ?

When he got back I told him. He looked at the note himself and frowned.
It seemed to unnerve him a bit.

‘Someone’s been watching you asleep.’ He said when I pointed it out.
It did sound wierd when he
said it like that.

He told me not to text him, and I agreed.

A guy doesn’t just leave a note like that, not without some sort of untoward intention.

Do they?




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