14 – The Note

From that day, I began to expect Ryan in the van turning up at any moment. It gave me something to look forward to and I would keep my eyes peeled for the familiar vehicle.

Once we were in the van we had such a laugh, if it wasn’t for our scruffy appearance you’d never guess we were living out of a car.

During our travels around Cornwall, we’d stopped off in Liskeard to view a flat-  we’d just wanted to see what was out there and what we could afford. There had been one flat that was lovely, the street was a bit shit but inside it was so bright and big that it was where we would imagine whenever we spoke about ‘the new place’.

The estate agent told us it had lots of interest so we assumed it would be gone by now, but we still thought about it  and I knew they almost always say stuff like that to get you to put an offer in quick ( and one that isn’t too low…)

Anyway… we’d wandered around Liskeard for the afternoon and I’d spotted a Pink Floyd CD for 50p in a charity shop.


We would listen to it daily now, and to this day I can’t listen to it without being reminded of those sunny days singing in the van.

We got to see all sorts of places around Cornwall with Ryans delivery stops, and sometimes the ‘regulars’ would give us a piece of cake or snack. When Ryan said I was in the van too, they started giving him two bits, which I thought was really sweet.

When it got closer to ‘home time’ and we were back in Plymouth, Ryan would drop me off around the corner – I wasn’t meant to be in the van with him during work hours, and if we got caught he would be in a lot of trouble. A few of the other guys that worked there would see us together, but they never said a word to the boss.

I would walk back to the car once he’d dropped me off, and wait alone for another hour or so before Ryan would get back.

It was one of those days when I saw a note on the drivers seat.
I quickly checked all the doors and windows, paranoid that I’d left one open. I was always so careful not to, so I couldn’t have forgotten surely?

I checked them and they were all locked. I looked around and saw the sunroof was open the tiniest amount – just enough to let a bit of air in whilst I was gone.

Perplexed, I read the note.

It was on a tiny piece of paper, ripped out from one of those small notebooks you can get.
In neat handwriting it said :

Iv seen you sleeping in the car these last few weeks. I just thought if you needed anything ..





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