9 – The Diary

Waiting for Ryan all day was shit. Although I couldn’t help but think it must be shitter to go to work after sleeping in a car. Ryan said everyone else would smoke in their vans, they’d spent a £10 a day on lunch and muck around. They laughed at his lowly tins of soup but he just took it in his stride. I don’t know that I’d have been so easy going about it.

For the first few days he was so shattered after a day’s work, that he’d throw himself into the car and we would just hug for five minutes, without saying a word.
*   *   *   *   *   *   *

Generally I’d try and sleep, although I later learned that that would keep me up at night – which was even worse. So I’d sleep in the morning and then occupy myself until my hungry belly was too much to bear. I didn’t want to eat too much out of boredom, because what little we had had to last. So I’d try and write things down, and that’s when I remembered someone saying ‘ you should always write about what you know. ‘

So that’s when I decided to write this diary.




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