11 – The Security Guard

The exact road we had parked on. My visitor came from the business just out of view.

It was one of those boring never ending hot days, when I had a visitor.

I’d been sat back with my feet on the dashboard, thinking about probably nothing – and he took me so much by surprise I just gawped at him with my gob open.

It was a security guard from a nearby business.

‘Excuse me, Miss ?’

He was a youngish guy, in his 30s at least – if not younger. And he just looked sort of friendly.

‘ A few people in the office have seen you here in the mornings… I just wanted to check you were alright ?’

‘Uh…. Yes. I’m fine?’ I stuttered out. Feeling like a bit of a twat.

‘ are you sure -?’

‘ Yes. Honestly.’

He peered in the car, at the dirty duvet, the empty soup tins and clothes chucked in the back.

‘Ok. Well, you be careful.’
And with that he left.
It all happened a bit quick and I wasn’t really sure what I was supposed to have said.

It’s weird when you live on the outside edge of everyone else. You almost forget that it’s not normal what you’re doing – and that gathers attention.

Naively I had assumed no one had really noticed us, that we were blended in amongst the other cars and people that came in and out of the business estate everyday.

But really we couldn’t have looked more out of place. If it was your workplace you would straight away notice the arrival of a strange car, with a girl sleeping in it everyday. They didn’t see Ryan – as he would be gone long before ‘rush hour’.

Looking back that guy was one of the better ones, but as always – life balances itself out. And it wasn’t long before I had to deal with one of the twats….


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