10 – The Loo

** I wasn’t going to include this part, but it seemed so funny that I’d written about needing a wee because I was so bored that I thought I’d have to leave it in ! **

God waiting for Ryan is boring…
It’s been a week or so now, and we’ve gotten into a little routine. It’s wierd, I know – but it’s nice to know what to expect of the day, even if I’m only expecting fuck all to happen.

Iv been paranoid about drinking enough, because it’s the middle of summer and it is fucking DRY. So we buy two 2litre bottles of water for the day – for about 15p from Tesco.
The thing is, when all you’re doing is sitting in a car, and drinking water – nature calls often.

One of the worst things to contend with is going to the Loo. Because we don’t have one. I’ll hold it and hold it because I can’t bring myself to go, until it’s so unbearable that I’ll be faced with a dilemma.

The business park is sort of busy. No one bothers us, and we certainly don’t bother them. But when you are thinking about getting your arse out suddenly you notice the cars going by or the men over the way working or the lady clip clopping back to her office.

Now there isn’t really any shrubbery type things to hide away in either, so I really was stuck. I didn’t like to leave the car unoccupied – because it looks like it’s been abandoned. With all our shite in it, the getting-rather-dirty-duvet and pillows. Clothes. Wet wipes. Loose rubbish.
So I didn’t want it to be carted off – then we’d really be up shit creek.

But anyway – back to my extremely full bladder… So I don’t have anything to piss into. I can’t wee outside anywhere close, and I don’t know what to do.
It’s funny how ideas can form more easily when the knock knock knock of a 1 litre piss is threatening to flood your living space…

So I’d cut open the drinking water bottle ( after painfully drinking the last of the water ) and piss in that. And hope it didn’t overflow…

..and other thoughts, a Novel, by me.

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