7 – The Lifeline

The View at Tregantle ( Whitsand Bay)


We drive up to Whitsand Bay, and look out to sea.

I always feel that there’s something so therapeutic about looking at the vastness of the ocean. It makes me feel small, but in a good way. Almost like I’m so small that it makes my worries even smaller. The sea doesn’t care what I’m worrying about – it’ll just carry on making waves.

Leaving Vs in such a hurry seemed a bit reckless now. We had £40 left between us. It was about 6pm now, and we hadn’t had any lunch. We were hungry, pissed off and felt lost.

‘What are we gonna do?’ Ryan asked, not really expecting an answer.

God. I thought. I don’t know. I really don’t know. We’ve been so bloody stupid. No plans. No money. No where to go. I looked out to sea.

What now ? I thought. I always had an answer , there’s always a way. But what about this time ? Now I’m not so sure.


Well, the universe works in mysterious ways.

Just like that – Ryans phone rang.

I think we both wanted to ignore it – no doubt it’d be more bad news.

But I was wrong, and thank god I was.

Ryan answered and was offered an interview for the next day.

We didn’t know it then, but that phone call ( and subsequent interview ) was to be our lifeline. Like a lifeboat in a storm, we clung to the tiny glimmer of hope, that maybe, just maybe – things might work out.

The interview was in Plymouth, and we felt so downbeat that Ryan wasn’t even sure he should go.

We talked about it – the business was in Plymouth, and if it was another no go then it’d cost us time, petrol and effort.


And £1.50 on the bloody ferry.



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