4 – The First Day

Three attempts it took us to get out of that fucking field. Three .

But once we were on level ground- we sped out of there. It felt like apocalyptic Earth when we drove past the caravans, not a soul was around. We thought about attempting to pay for our ‘nights stay’ but couldn’t see any signs of life.

A bit paranoid that we were about to come across some sort of Horror film types we thought ‘ fuck it ‘ – and drove on towards Looe.

The heat was picking up now, and we couldn’t ignore the growling from our bellies, so we found a café to have some breakfast in. Ryan pointed out a spot next to the window, which had a plug socket next to the table so we could charge our phone. Even better.

One of the few photos I took during those first few days.

We drank our tea and waited for our food, watching other people go by – doing their daily routines, most off to work, some on holiday. And thought about us. Sat in yesterday’s clothes, our belongings sat in the car parked up, and the glow of adventure about us.

I was about to ask Ryan what the plan was, when our manager rang.

‘ You aren’t in today then ? ‘

I glanced at the time and realised I should have been in work 5 minutes ago.

‘ No. I’m not.’

‘Right. And whys that then ?’ He asked sounding ruder.

Because I’m in Cornwall, having breakfast…’

‘Right.’ He sighed.

There was a pause.

‘ I won’t be in tomorrow either…’

He hung up and we laughed about it. For once I hadn’t felt like I needed to beg for my job, because I didn’t want it anymore. I didn’t need it. We weren’t there.

For the first time I felt like our problems were miles away, and we were untouchable. It seemed a bit arrogant. But I didn’t care. No one knew how they’d treated me over the last few months, how upset I was after every shift, and how I felt I couldn’t ever escape… And now we were here.

Where the sun shone, and the water was clear and we were laughing again.

* * * * * * * * * * *

Lovely Looe beach, the first of many days sat on this beach.


The rest of that first day was perfect, we sat on the Beach, let the sun soak into our skin. We laughed and relaxed and then, we wondered what to do next.

‘ Well we better start looking for jobs !’ Ryan laughed.

I agreed. Then thought about it.

‘ After a shower….‘ I suggested. ‘…. And a proper nights sleep !’



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