3 -The Lake – part two

photo credit – Pitchup.com

We woke up as the sun rose, and the car began to heat up considerably.

Disorientated I sat up, hair wild and eyes squinting in the sun.

What a wierd dream I’d been having, about driving forever and day, laughing about Cornwall and ending with a huge Alice in Wonderland-Esque fall into the darkness…

As I got used to the sunlight, I grabbed Ryans arm. We were here.

The first photo I took in Cornwall, this was the exact morning we woke up in the field. We were so tired we’d slept in our clothes.

I looked around and could see just how big the hill was that we’d slid down the night before. There were tyre marks in the grass, and I could see that path we had marked out as we’d glided down.

I looked out the back window, and that was when I saw a sign about half a metre from the car.


Had we slipped any further, we’d have ended up in the huge lake behind us – car and all.

It was very lucky that we hadn’t.

‘ Fucking hell’ said Ryan.

‘ Yeah ‘ I thought. ‘ Fucking hell indeed.’

It was nearly 8 o clock now, and we needed to make tracks sharpish.   Before the owner of the field saw that we’d had a free night, ruined his grass, and nearly killed ourselves.

Ryan started the engine and drove up the hill – but last nights rain and this mornings meant the long grass was seriously slippy… So we lost grip and began rolling back down towards the water.

We hit the sign but didn’t go much further, so Ryan tried again.

But we didn’t get much further before we started rolling down again – this time with much more speed.

Oh god ‘ I thought. ‘ First day of our adventure and it’s all going to be over in a bloody minute ..

I’m either going to get shot by a farmer for staying in his field.. Or I’m going to drown in his fucking lake.


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