2 – The Lake – part one


 I must have fallen asleep at one point, because next thing I knew it was dark, the music had gone off and Ryan was swearing quietly.

‘ We lost ?’ I mumbled.

He patted my leg in reply.

‘ We’ve just passed Bodmin!’ He then said, when a sign flashed past.

Excitement still clung to us, speeding along in Ryans car.

Our stuff piled in the back, most of our clothes, our duvet and pillows, and a tent should we need to set up camp for a bit. 

We agreed it was too late to continue, Ryan needed to rest so we reasoned that we’d find a campsite, sleep in the car and then pay for it in the morning.

We took a turning with a campsite sign on it and drove through a misty lane, caravans loomed in the distance. I pointed ahead at a small gateway with what looked like a field behind. Ryan followed where I was pointing and drove through the gate.

Suddenly the field began to decline and Ryan warned ‘ I can’t stop the car !’ 

The car was skidding down the sloped field and we couldn’t see where we were heading.
He tried to keep the car steady but it was spinning in circles as we flew down the hill.

And then, just like that – we came to a standstill.

There were no lights, and now we were shattered. We shrugged it off and assumed we would sort things out the next day.

With the notion that everything would be right in the morning we pulled the duvet over us and promptly fell asleep.

‘Everything would be ok in the morning’ we sighed – blissfully ignorant that we were much closer to dealing with something quite different…
Not my photo, credit to Google 😉

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