Change is good.


I am a strong advocate for change.

Life is far too short to be unhappy, and you don’t have to put up with anything or anyone that doesn’t bring you joy.

3 years ago I was dragged into a office meeting by my total twat of a manager, after weeks of being bullied by ‘policies’ and ‘standards’. As creative soul I find it extremely restrictive to even be in an office setting, let alone work in one day in day out. I was sick of being a number, and even more sick of the stress that each day would bring simply because my female manager didn’t like me.

After the meeting I sat in the car and cried.

I was sick of working a job I loathed to live somewhere I hated. I hated my surroundings, being stuck in an office during the summer was soul crushing. I felt trapped.

Ryan and I decided that enough was enough. We were young. We should be living – not existing. So after sitting in our health spa trying to unwind after a horrible day filled with stress and tears, we decided to make a change. That night, we packed our clothes and a duvet into his Renault Clio and drove. We jokingly laughed that we should just keep going until we reached the beach. An overnight kip in the car and the next morning we had a fry up looking out to the sea.

My boss rang and I said I wasn’t coming back, and that I’d had enough of the crap. He laughed. I turned my phone off and sat on the sand. I wasn’t going back. I was free.

sea side
A picture from our first day on the beach, and where we have spent many days since.

Looking back it was a pretty rash decision, but at the time we felt that there wasn’t much choice. If we didn’t go when we did, I’m not sure we would have ever left.

It was tough at times, and we were living out of Ryan’s car with no possessions except some clothes ( mainly office wear ?!) and we wondered if we had made the right decision. Perhaps if we had planned it better we wouldn’t be washing at the local leisure centre and watching our money run out rapidly.

Everyday we laughed, even when we were eating soup out of the tins that I’d left in the car window to ‘heat up’.

We found jobs, and eventually somewhere to live. The first week in our new flat we had no possessions at all, not even curtains – we ended up nailing some towels to the wall so we had some privacy. But throughout it all we felt so incredibly lucky. We had each other, and not once did we think about leaving. It was worth every hard day for what we achieved in the end.

dear husband


Now we live in a lovely cottage style bungalow, we have a beautiful little soul together, and enjoy Cornish village life every day we wake up here. Its our little piece of heaven that we went and earned together. When I hear friends complaining about their jobs, or the town they live, or their friends or family problems I tell them ‘ change it.’

Our first meal in the ‘new’ place. With our wonderful ‘Cornwall’ friends.

It doesn’t have to be a big change like chucking your stuff in your car and driving 200 miles. It could be as simple as booking the holiday you’ve been thinking about. Driving a different way to work. Joining a gym. Buying the outfit you want to wear but have never been brave enough. Quitting the job that makes you feel useless.

If it makes you unhappy – change it.




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